Account assignment

Provide name of ARef Account reference along with its description. Specifying Multiple Account Assignment This procedure allows you to apportion the costs associated with a PO item among several cost centers, for example. Accounting mapping during document transfer to the ECC system When you order a classic scenario shopping cart or extended classic purchase order the follow-on document will be created in the ECC system.

The account assignment screen are used both in PO and PR. Prerequisites When specifying multiple account assignment for an item, you must consider the following points: If you use multiple account assignment lines with categories that are assigned to different backend accounting categories as there is no single associated accounting category the system will use the X accounting category.

Procedure When entering an item, specify the account assignment category for the desired item on the item overview screen. For the WBS-Element we have to different values: If funds management is active, system will show the account assignment tab on item detail level in the new purchasing transactions.

This wiki page provides an overview about account assignment related topics in the SRM system. The structure COBL is used to call different function modules from other components with the same interface.

Controlling Account Assignment for non-Financial consultants

Specifying Multiple Account Assignment This procedure allows you to apportion the costs associated with a PO item among several cost centers, for example.

Function that belongs to the component FI Financial accounting. Real-time backend validation of the FI data If you choose the real-time validation of the FI data the SRM system will send the accounting data to the backend system for validation during the document creation or change.

Accounting descriptions The account assignment descriptions are not stored in the SRM documents. The main checks are made here.

The nature of the account assignment cost center, sales order, and so on Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted Which account assignment data you must provide.

In certain scenarios you could see renumbering within the document or just in the follow-on document. Automatic posting can be configured by following the below steps. This is also commonly referred to as the Element of Resource. The box for entering account assignment data appears.

SD creates a purchase requisition with account assignment to a sales order. Cost Centre WBS Elements Sales Order item And some more — the full list is available in the long text of the error, if you double-click the error message. You could find more information about the accounting category determination during confirmation creation in the Accounting category determination for confirmation item Wiki site.

If you have a look inside the maintained field status group you can find many fields which can also be customized in the account assignment category customizing from purchasing.

auotomatic account determination or assignment Whenever there is goods movement accounting documents/ financial accounts updated automatically, so we do some settings in customization is called automatic account assignment. Automatic account assignment determines the correct GL a/c need to post from the transaction type used with other relevant factors.

Posting done with the customization of automatic account assignment is called automatic posting. Use this dialog to select a corresponding CSA account number for each QuickBooks Pro account number included in the client's import data. This information is specific to the selected CSA client.

MM-Account assignment in SPRO

Trial Balance CS: The Chart of Accounts Assignment dialog opens automatically during the import process. If the account assigned here is defined as a cost element, you must specify a preliminary account assignment for the account in the table of automatic account assignment specification (Customizing for Controlling) in order to be able to post goods receipts against subcontract orders.

SAP MM - Account Determination.


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Account assignment Category

IMG => Materials Management => Valuation and Account Assignment => Account Determination => Account Determination without Wizard => Define Valuation Control TCode: OMWM.

On Display IMG screen select Define Valuation Control execute icon by following the above path. During goods issue in the sales cycle, the system is usually configured to update the relevant GL accounts automatically and to create the relevant accounting documents.

This customization in IMG is also called material account assignment and is achieved through a number of steps as detailed below: Determine ‘valuation level’ (Company Code or plant).

Account assignment
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