A review of black like me a non fiction book by john griffin

Inhe published his first novel, The Devil Rides Outside, a mystery set in a monastery in postwar France, where a young American composer goes to study Gregorian chant. What would Griffin would experience if he were to attempt his project today.


Even with his darkened skin, John Howard Griffin was still a white man. The story of his amazing experience quickly spreads around the world, and he receives a flood of congratulatory mail. What does he notice about himself after a couple of weeks. A Memoir of Blindness and Vision Griffin expects to find prejudice, oppression, and hardship, but he is shocked at the extent of it: In Montgomery, however, the black community is charged with determination and energy by the example of one of its leaders, a preacher named Marin Luther King, Jr.

He evades what could have been the most powerful function of his text: A bus driver refused to let the black passengers off to use the restroom on a trip. In Mansfield, however, the prevalent attitude is that of racism, and Griffin and his family become the subject of hateful reprisals.

Some of the reviews white people give say that it changed their world-view and helped them think about racism more personally, so it seems that the book is still useful for the purpose of teaching empathy to white people, and in a sort of round-about way, one might even learn something about privilege.

Or do you think Black Like me offers a critical perspective because it is the closest that any white person could ever come to experiencing—and thus understanding—racial intolerance. Griffin consulted a New Orleans dermatologist for aid in darkening his skin, being treated with a course of drugs, sunlamp treatments, and skin creams.

And that in the course of their efforts, they should expect resentment among their white enemies and some bruised feelings among their white allies. Every black man was seen as a potential source of sexual transgression. He felt that the only way to determine the truth about how African Americans were treated by whites, and to learn if there was discrimination, was to become one.

What would Griffin would experience if he were to attempt his project today.

Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin | Book Review

He spends a day with East, during which time they discuss the way racial prejudice has been incorporated into the South's legal code by bigoted writers and politicians. Some of his encounters with Caucasians were heartbreaking.

What motivates Griffin to change the color of his skin and take on the identify of a black man. Griffin wanted to test the claim that although the southern United States was segregated it was essentially peaceful and just — that the two races were separate but equal.

He understood loving the enemy. Listeners will be fascinated by his bus trip to Mississippi during which the driver would not let any of the African Americans off at a rest stop and how some of the passengers decided to deal with this slight. What do you consider as the most difficult experience that Griffin faced as a black man.

It shows his developing interest in ethnography. Buy a cheap copy of Black Like Me book by John Howard Griffin. He trudged southern streets searching for a place where he could eat or rest, looking vainly for a job other than menial labor, feeling the "hate stare." He was Free shipping over $/5(5).

Black Like Me is a non fiction book that documents that racisim of whites in the south in the 60's. The author had his skin changed to a very dark black and went to.

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GRAB THE BEST PAPER Extract of sample Book review of Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. Black Like Me has 1 reviews and 1 ratings. Reviewer may_c wrote: This book is very interesting.

By John Howard Griffin. 1 rating 1 review 1 follower. Share to Google Classroom. Share by Email. Follow Book. I recommend this kind of book to people who enjoys reading non-fiction books about the history in different perspectives. 0 Reply3/5(1). Free download or read online Black Like Me pdf (ePUB) book.

The first edition of this novel was published in January 1stand was written by John Howard Griffin. The book was published in multiple languages including English language, consists of pages and is available in Paperback format. The main characters of this non fiction, history story are,/5(K).

I first read Black Like Me late in as a freshman in college in Chapel Hill NC. During the first semester of my junior year (fall semester of ) I took a sociology course that used Black Like Me as the textbook and which had John Howard Griffin for three guest lectures.

A review of black like me a non fiction book by john griffin
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Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin